PREFERENCE: Participate @ImpactHubBOS or ONLINE?
FLEXIBILITY: If we're oversubscribed, which time slots would you prefer?
KEYWORDS = Interest + background
Which Keyword / Hashtags apply to you? Your Interests?
SHARE: May we reveal your name, social media contacts, background & interests?
Event organizers suggest we share registrants to show "social validation," but we're not sure so we're asking your opinion!
COCREATE: Want to facilitate or lead a session? Describe
SOLVE: Want to DEMO an app, solution, or idea?
VOLUNTEER to help run event online or off?
RECOMMEND: Who should we invite to future RE2020 events?
TRACTION: Join working group to collaborate between RE2020 events?
Visit http://bit.ly/RE2020_OpenInvite to preview working groups, collaborate in the future
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